onsdag 27 maj 2015

Will tattoo version of this little lady on Jutamas in Bangkok next week. If interrested in tattoos please contact me on mail or instagram please.

And yet even more thai tattoo flash. After this also more to choose from in folders #5

Some more tattoo flash sheets for Bangkok and Phuket #4

Hello Bangkok again. Tattoo flash sheets. Up for grabs. #3

Hello Bangkok! Lots of cool bangers, readymade tattoo flash sheets. #2

Hello Thailand and Bangkok. Would love to tattoo some of these flash during my stay#1

Sheet of tattoo flash as always it seems just for fun. Almost complete. Would love to tattoo this stuff though...

Tried fix up Jutamas back tattoo in Bangkok some 4 months ago - Old stuff not by me. Just try to improve what is already there

måndag 11 maj 2015

Travel time again - About fucking time!!!

I will be travelling some 22th may - 22th june. Can be reached at email: theeoldehorse@gmail.com.