onsdag 27 december 2017

Naval steering wheel on Mauritz ribs. Color today, lins a month ago. Better photos when all healed together.

Orca/Ship and albatross backpiece tattoo on Mauritz. Done and finished some 2 years ago. Thank you buddy!!

First push of shading on Jimmys big sailorstyle backpiece tattoo. Fun stuff!!

Second red rose tattoo for Fidde in tribute for his newborn son Love.

Redrawn Victorian tattoo lady with some added skulls for Viktor in Luleå in January

Redrawn Hot Rod tattoo lady for Andreas coming up in January

We can classic strong lady with some lingonberrys. possibly for Luleå in january.

Some aquarius tribal style idea for the leg on Jörgen in Luleå

Sombrero style lady just for fun

Some compass rose idea for the tattoo legend Alf

tisdag 12 december 2017

Found this one as well at the same time. Might be a rare one too. Hope can hang in Andreas R´s hotrod garage in Kungsbacka. A fun comission painting for the Gothenburg Maritime Museum. Done maybe some 10 years ago for their 75th anniversary celebration.

Found this A2 size poster from the good old bad days. Might be one of the few ones left out there. Up for grabs if any customer wants it. Cleaning the house, and anything goes...

Some Herbert Hoffman line drawings for fun #3

Some Herbert Hoffman and Tattoo-Kalle line drawings for fun #2

Some Herbert Hoffman line drawings for fun #1

Some healed diamond and laser gun tattoo for Pouya. Plus a COD monkey lined up waiting for color. Thank you!!

Butterfly victorian style lady half sleeve tattoo idea for Viggo in Luleå

Start of tiger lower arm tattoo for Peter. To be continued with more background 2018. Thank you.