måndag 25 september 2017

New Try for Luleå tattoo trip 2017

Gonna try set a new date and muster strength for another Luleå tattoo trip until 2017 runs out. Around 15 th november is the new guideline set in sami stone. This time I will make it happen for sure. Thank you Malin for a renewed agenda.

Start working on sketches and ideas again for all interrested, some stuff already decided, set and done when halted last time.

NBD - Never Give Up

torsdag 21 september 2017

Idea for classic oldschool backpiece tattoo for Jimmy

Healed Kraken Ship leg tattoo on Oskar

Lotus flower hand tattoo for Pouya

Tree and snake tattoo for Christoffer healed pics

Mermaid panzerfaust rib tattoo for Peter

Some skulle and swords line drawings for fun

Cats and Panthers line drawings for fun

Eagle snake and skull line darwings for fun

Geisha tattoo idea for fun

Christoffer Devil and Wolf tattoo idea

Knee crab tattoo healed on Fidde

Mermaid and butterfly line drawings for fun

Bladeskull drawing for fun

Butterfly pinup girl tattoo idea

Knee tiger idea for Fidde

Hawaii guitar pinup for fun

30s pin up style idea for Susanne

Horse flower tattoo drawing