måndag 14 december 2015


Thank you for 2015. 

I will be travelling from 13th jan - 13th april 2016. But there is still time for tattooing before I leave. I am flexible with dates and times.

Peace out

Thank you Luleå

Tack så mycket! Especially Robert and Angelika. I will be back in 2016

Thanks for looking...

New yellow rose on Robert in Luleå

Some healed yellow roses on Robert in Luleå

Riot tattoo on Malin in Luleå

Lingonberry and sparkstötting tattoo on Angelika in Luleå

Hjortron tattoo on Angelika in Luleå

Finish heart tattoo color and shading on Angelika in Luleå

Snake and tree tattoo on Christoffer in Luleå. Color and shading in 2016.

Roses tattoo on Christoffer in Luleå. Blue and yellow this time, all others before some 9 months ago.

onsdag 2 december 2015

I will be tattooing in luleå 12-13 december. Then back as usual

For customers wanting some ink end of 2015. Maybe work out the christmas fatty food or just finish the year in style. Hit me up on e-mail.


 Just a reminder for customer with ongoing projects:

I am very flexible with finding time for tattooing all the way until12th january 2016.

After this I will be gone travelling until 13th april 2016

Thank you for looking!

Idea for tattoo for Malin in Luleå