lördag 23 april 2016

Healed roses tattoo on Christoffer

Connecting to upper sleeve tattoo

Finish Christoffers snake and tree. Shading och lines 6 months ago. Better photos when healed together.

Tro hopp kärlek för Sofia i Luleå

Mandala for My in Luleå

Some girl power for Luleå

Kaffekopp, kompassros och Ros för Mattias och Evelina i Umeå

Spiderweb och lite Albrecht Durer style fire till Marcus i Umeå

Dagger for Emil in Umeå

Some ideas for Angelika in Umeå.

Little anchor for Andreas children

söndag 17 april 2016

Family crest thigh piece tattoo coming up for Mauri the copper

Finishing Kristofers Skull/Sakura/Snake/Peonie fullsleeve tattoo. Better photos when all healed together...Thank you dude for completion!!

Healed 1 year something Wolf Chest Sakura tattoo on Kristofer

Try finish Christoffers eternal Snake and Appletree tattoo pretty soon....

Restart of Martins ultrasecret and meaningful to the max full backpiece tattoo

Renovation of old black and grey star tattoo sleeve on Jesper coming up...

Idea for traditional neck rose tattoo for Mattias in Umeå at the end of this month

Heart Chestpiece tattoo for his wife for Mikael coming up pretty soon...