onsdag 17 maj 2017

Classic Gibson girl painting for fun

Lady with grapes drawing

Eagle and snake drawing

Eagle and american flag

Eagle with holding hands

Lady with a heart

Twirly snake drawing

Butterfly lady drawing

Rooster drawing for fun

Another naked lady

Naked lady drawing

Mermaid and sailingboat

måndag 15 maj 2017

Tattooing in Bangkok May/June

Hanging out in Bangkok until mid-June. Available for some tattooing by appointment at my good friend Luke Satorus tattoo rad studio Black Pig Tattoo in Bang Rak, Bangkok. For setting up time or just konsultation please contact me on mail or instagram for next step.

Or contact Luke in the studio
instagram.com/luke _satoru

Thank you for looking!!

Procreate Rose of No Mans Land Lady 5

Procreate Gambling Lady 4

Procreate Airline staff Lady 3

Procreate Fruity Lady 2

Procreate Young teet Lady 1

Procreate Eagle and Snake drawing

Lady Sloth and Angry Wolf drawn for fun

Steady as she goes

Lady Justice version

Americana Rose Lady

Dagger Butterfly Girl

Yellow flower heart

Bangkok leftover paintings 6

Bangkok leftover paintings 5

Bangkok leftover paintings 4

Bangkok leftover paintings 3

Bangkok leftover paintings 2

Bangkok leftover paintings 1