fredag 11 augusti 2017

Some connecting background on Pouyas sleeve

Some tats for Hasse. Mirror girl new, ship settled a few months

Rainy girl tattoo for Ange in Luleå

Mermaid tattoo idea for My in Luleå

Tattoo idea for Ewa in Luleå

Boxing girl tattoo idea for Sofia in Luleå

Darth Vader tattoo ideas for Erika in Luleå

Idea for fixup existing tattoo for Malin in Luleå

Mermaid and devil wolf coverup tattoo for Martin

söndag 6 augusti 2017

Luleå Tattoo Time

So there is time for another tattootrip upp to Luleå again, weekend of week 36. 7-10 September that is and gonna be intense and fun.
For customers that gonna get tattooed, please send ideas and references as soon as possible to my mail. The more time I get to prepare, the better and cooler end result of your tattoo.

Thank you beforehand

torsdag 3 augusti 2017

Beginning of flower lady tattoo for Susanne

Lady in the mirror tattoo idea for Hasse

Knee tiger tattoo idea for Fidde

Some gambling stuff for Pouya

Halfway on Robbans lovers couple tattoo

Horse with yellow flowers tattoo idea just for fun

Drawing for my sweet mothers birthday

Some drawings just for fun

Sailor dog for Micke. Better photos when all healed together.

Flygirl tattoo idea for fun

Flygirl tattoo idea for fun

Pigeon tattoo idea for fun

Healed hamzahand tattoo on Liza

Some flowers in progress

Another devil in progress

Spider painting for fun

Some paints for fun

Devil, snake and women tattoo ideas

Panzerfaust mermaid tattoo idea for Peter